Protein foods

Protein foods.

Hey guys many people every day search protein foods natural source of to day i tell you one of best natural top 10 food we get natural source of protein. And you know amazing fact is what . it's affordable. Like 25gm of protein 8rs . and i said natural source of protein and un matural source of protein . what is protein. How many types protein so frist i tell abou natural source of protein and second is unnatural sources of protein .

What is protein.

Protein are essential nutrients for the human body .they are one of the building blocks of body tissue and can also serve as fuel source .

So let's talk about power of protein.

Its easy under excitement. Protein is an very important component of every cell in our and nails mostly made of protein.your body use protein to build and recovered your also use to protein makes enzymes,hormone,and other body chemical.protein is an important building blocks of bone.muscle,cartilage,skin,and blood.

Health benefit of eating natural source of protein.

Protein is the building blocks of bones,muscles,cartilage,skin,and blood.they body need it to produce hormone,enzymes,and other chemicals.

Weight management.

Eating protein food and take protein supplement may help people fell fuller for longer.

A 2019 review report supplementing taking whey protein reduce  to body weight and mass fat who people overweight or obase.

It may also reduced blood pressure,total cholesterol and other risk factor for cardiovasculer disease.

Muscle growth.

Protein is essential for muscle growth. Many athltes  and those who's going to gym.consume protein shake they believe that this drink help them for bulkup after strength trening .

Recovery after exercise.

As well as contributing muscle growth.protein can help repair damage muscle and a result athlete take protein to speed muscle growth after exercise.

So let's started talk about protein foods.

Soya chanks.

You know that is the best source of protein .  soya chanks one serving is 50gm which you get 25gm protein.guys many people say that if we eat  so we are face hormones problem . guys i tell don't worry nothing was happen. If you not blive so going to YouTube search and get results.


You know that guys is natural source of protein . but every lantise messing some amino acid . so i request mix the  many type of lantise i mean Dal. Per serving 100gm and get 18gm of protein . if you buy 100gm of dal then cost 8rs is chipest price guys you.


 Peneer is best sources of protein or fat . so per serving 100gm get 18gm protein. 100 gm paneer buy 35rs so its  chipest .


Every people know that chicken flesh .how is eat . if you eat 150g chicken then you get 25g protein. But whole chicken meat not more protein but if you eat chicken breast is the best source of protein.


Guys you know that eggs is the  best source of protein if eat 2 whole eggs then you get 15g protein.if you consume only protein then i recommend eat whole eggs . because some people know that good cholesterol if your high then reduce the bad cholesterol. Which you get on eggs it's good cholesterol good for health.

Cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese.
You can  slice it into cubes and have it by sprinkling some salt and pepper on it. This cheese contain. The right amount of protein which can help you recover after the workout .as per 100gm of cottage cheese  contain 10.62gm of protein ,1.33gm of fat and 5.31 gm of carbohydrate.


It is an ideal post workout food because of its protein and fiber content ,at the same time it is also gluten free . according to 100gm of quinoa contain 4.4gm of protein,1.92gm of fat and 1.23gm of carbohydrate.

Omega 3 .

These are a rich source of protein contain omega 3 fatty acids in fish  are necessary for healthy heart . 100gm of tuna contain 29.91 gm of protein .and 6.28gm of fat and zero carbs ,even 100gm of salmon is carb free with 26.48gm protein and 5.58 gm fat .

Peanut butter.

Their are a rich source of protein contain peanut butter is best natural source of protein. One serving 30gm and get 15gm of protein. I think its a best source of protein.

Goat meat.

Goat is animal you know that . goat meat every location you finde many shops. Goat meat something expensive in india goat meat 500RN per kg if you eat 100gm protein get 25gm protein.

Cow milk.

Cow is a domestic animal many people have that cow in village .many  people connected to milk business. And milk is very important's best source of protein. 100gm of milk get 11gm of protein.

Cashew nuts.

The cashew tree is tropical evergreen tree. That produce the cashew and you see can grow as high 14m, but dwrf cashew growing upto 6m has proved more profitble .ceshew nuts originally native in Brazil.100gm serving you get 17to18gm of protein.


If you eat 100gm almond get 18to21gm of protein.almond contain lost of healthy fat ,fiber,protein,magnisume,and vitamins E,almond include low blood suger level.reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.they can also reduce hunger and promots weight loss.
So guys which people need protein. Many people think those people going to gym which people need protein. I said every people need protein if going to gym or not going to gym . so all people devided 3 category you which category you have in under.

To day I'm gonna share lot of people ask me how much protein intake a day . frist I said those who haven't do workout i mean those people who's going to office and home sleeping. This guys need protein 0.5gm per pound body weight  if your body weight 180lbs then your protein intake is 90gm. A day i would recommend you should be intake 80gm protein a day. Unfortunately each people intake less protein. And 50% is vegetarian so for that reason he/she does not intake protein. But dont worry guys i have solution if you eat 3t4 meals day then you complete your protein requirement . guys make sure when you eat meals then presents meals cover 20 to 25gm. Of protein..

Let's talk to second category who's people ective workout 3 days in a week. Going to gym so how much protein intake a day. 0.8gm per pound body weight. I mean if your body weight 180pounds then your protein intake is 130&135gm protein which you need .if you eat 5 meals then calculate how much protein per meal . i think 25 to 26gm protein cover per meal.

So let's talk about those people who active dally. I mean those who going to gym 5day in a your protein intake is 1gm per pounds body weight.if your body weight is 180pounds then your protein require ment is you eat 180gm of protein.

Ok I'm talk about natural  protein. Not whey protein not gold  protein not blind protein or casine protein.

Ok so let's talk how many type of protein powder. I tell you 3to4 type of protein and at the end i tell you which one is best . your budget.protein divided 2 source one is natural and one is powder from .and which protein is not natural then this protein devide many type like raw concentrate. And whey iso .blind protein ,soya protein,Cassie protein, pea,hemp.

So let's talk about whey protein.


This water sobule -milk protein is popular among athlete. It's complete protein meaning that it all contain of amino acids that the humans body require food.the body absorb whey protein quick and easily.

So lets talk about casine protein.

Casine protein.

This type if protein reach in glutamine and amino acids that mean speed up you muscle recovery process after  exercise. Casine protein comes in dairy making it unsuitable vegans people with milk allergies . the digest protine more slowly. So it may be take at night.

Soya protein.

Soya protein excellent alter native whey or casine protein.for people who do nit consume dairy . it also contains all the amini acids.

Pea protein.

Many plant base protein contain pea protein,which is high quality alternative source of dairy based protein like whey protein or casine protein.pea protein is good sources of amino acids arginine.

Hemp protein.

Heemp seeds source if complete of all essential amino acids .this make hemp excleince choise for those people who do not take dairy protein. Like whey iso . whey consantre.

So let's talk about whey concentrate protein or whey isolate.

What is raw whey  concentrate protein.

It is an unsweted and unflavored whey protein health supplement powder with minimal processing to ensure the concentrate are being preserved in The most original from .the product deliver 80%  protein content and helps in building lean muscle ,enhance recovery and reduce muscle loss.

Can you eat raw whey protein .

Yes it is completely safe to consume raw whey protein. So you need to consume more raw whey protein to reach your fitness goals .it does not have any added digestive enzymes ,flavor and others additives .but it is  rich natural nutrients and more over it is closed to its natural from.

Whey protein easily digestive .

Whey protein is a very high quality complete protein with rich amounts of all the essential amino acids .whey protein isolated is the purest from of whey protein , which is whey it is absorbed so quickly and effciently into the body.

Lets talk about whey isolet protein.

A whey protein isolate is a dietary supplement and food ingredients cteated by separting components from whey .whey is milk by product of the cheese making processed to yeild whey protein in three froms.whey isolate ,whey concentrate , or whey hydrolysate .

What is deffrence between  protein isolate and whey protein ?.

There are difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein . concentrate whey protein isolate has a higher protein content and is lower in carbhydret ,lactos and fat, .but it is typically more expensive due to the additional manufacturing process it undergoes

Protein isolate good for weight loss.

Its well known that protein can aid weight loss ,as its by far the most staiating macronutrints 29. Summary protein has been shown to aid weight loss by boosting metabolism and reducing appetite . whey protein can help increase fat loos while preserving lean muscle mass..


Guys if buy raw whey concentrate protein then you asitis whey protein asitis preserving 30gm and get the result below.
You know asits barand newly launch their product . company give us low price protein. So tell about nutrition fact.
 Serving one scoop 30gm

Ditery fiber,0gm
Total fat,1.5gm.

2nd option is davisco .

Davisco company 4to 5 year ago lunch this is a raw whey protein concentrate nutrition value is preserving is 30gm ad get 25gm protein.

So i hope you understand if you use protein powder which one better option for you if buy whey protein isolate then buy. And if you student then isolated protein more expensive for you i think you whey protein concentrate. Its affordable for every one .

Many people not eat 6to7 meal per day then. You eat protein shake i tell benefit of drink protein shake.

Whey we used protein shake.

Immediately after a workout when training the most important time to take protein is straight after your workout .your muscle will the soak up the nutrition for muscle recovery and growth if you're taking a protein shake will crabs .it will give extra energy and also reduce exposure to muscle damage.

How does effect on our body when we intake home made protein shake.

Protein contains essential amino acids important for this process .when your body is lacking amino acids from periods of not eating or oxdative stress causes a negative shift . drinking a protein shake can help bring your body back into a positive balance necessary for optimal muscle growth.

I hope guys you understand  the article. And all dobut your clear about protein i said the article about protein how many types of protein . natural source of protein ,unnatural source of protein and many more .


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