Follow these tips to avoid getting dark skin summer

Follow these tips to avoid getting dark skin summer

In today's world, every boy or girl wants to look blond and beautiful and winter is about vanish and summer is almost here. Due to the bright sunlight in the summer , our skin begins to get darker . Use many chemical products from the market to maintain you beauty can harm your skin .

Washing face

- when you wake up in the morning use just cold water to wash your face. Don't use any kind of soap or face wash in the early morning to wash your face.

Use glass

 - when go out in the sun you must use sun glasses. If you expose your skin or face a lot to the sun you will end up with dark circles.

Sune cream.

 when you go out in the summer always apply a good amount of sun cream to you skin . And while any sun cream be sure to check SPF.

Hare are some natural skin care tips to get your started.

Step 1: cleanse.

Cleansing the skin gets rid of all that surface bacteria and dirt that can cause acne breakouts and blemishes ,among other forms skin irritation

Its much easier to pervent these condition than it is to treat them .that way ,you won't need to speend your hard earned money on treatments and doctor's appointment.

Of all the natural skin care tips ,cleaning is an integral part of any skincare routine because it prepares the skin for every beauty regime ,including moisturizing and applying makeup ,any product ,expensive or otherwise ,will seal in dirt and bacteria without proper care.

Step 2: Exfoliate.

Exfoliate is an essential component of skin care because it gets rid of dead and improve blood circulation.

If you have had a hand spa ,you'll have notice that your hands felt much softer immediately after the treatment so much that you think they must have done something extra special to cause such an effect .

The secret is exfoliation .you don't need to pay big bucks to achieve the same effect ,and you can do it within the comfort of your own home .there are some drugstore products sold quite  cheap and do a great job ,however some exfoliation on the market to day are too harsh for the skin and up doing more damage than good .

You really have to know the difference between a good one and bad one before you damage your skin ,after all you can't get a new skin.

Step 3:Tone .

Toning helps restore your skin natural ph levels ,which is between 4 and 6.5 ,the word "toner" has been interchange with astringent and freshener ,but they are astringents ,which tend to be alcohol based ,tighten the skin ,but are cimposed of ingredients like caffeine and green tea in place of alcohol.

The use of toners is not necessary for everyone ,but if  you think you skin pH is unbalanced ,you can opt for natural alternative that are suitable for your skin type .

Step4 : Mask.

Masks can be deep cleansing ,hydrating revitalizing ,rejuventing ,purifying healing or refreahing.

While your cleansing routine will cleanse the surface of your skin. Mask will penetrate deeper to draw out all those impurities in your pores .after a mask your skin will feel refreshed ,cleaner and clear and you'll feel wonderfully relaxed .

Mask are designed to be applied to the skin and remain on for approximately 10 minutes .they can either dry rock hard or remain moist ,depending on thair purpose .

You could make a homemade mask with just about anything from your fridge or pantry .it just depends on the type of skin you have .


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