Asitis whey protein vs davisco

Asitis whey protein vs davisco .

To day I'm gonna share 2 protein compression. And tell you at the which one is better .you know that who's people buy chapest protein they confused which one want to . who's  the best option davisco or asitis. 1st tell you how much protein you eat i mean how many protein your requirement. So let's talk about it.

Those people going to gym and not going to gym every people need protein because we are not eat high protein food. For that reason our body need protein then we are used whey protein for fulfill daily requirements.

I devide people 3 category you find which category you belong.

To day I'm gonna share lot of people ask me how much protein intake a day . frist I said those who haven't do workout i mean those people who's going to office and home sleeping. This guys need protein 0.5gm per pound body weight  if your body weight 180lbs then your protein intake is 90gm. A day i would recommend you should be intake 80gm protein a day. Unfortunately each people intake less protein. And 50% is vegetarian so for that reason he/she does not intake protein. But dont worry guys i have solution if you eat 3t4 meals day then you complete your protein requirement . guys make sure when you eat meals then presents meals cover 20 to 25gm. Of protein..

Let's talk to second category who's people ective workout 3 days in a week. Going to gym so how much protein intake a day. 0.8gm per pound body weight. I mean if your body weight 180pounds then your protein intake is 130&135gm protein which you need .if you eat 5 meals then calculate how much protein per meal . i think 25 to 26gm protein cover per meal. 

So let's talk about those people who active dally. I mean those who going to gym 5day in a your protein intake is 1gm per pounds body weight.if your body weight is 180pounds then your protein require ment is you eat 180gm of protein..

So let's talk about which one better.

Asitis whey protein .

You know asits barand newly launch their product . company give us low price protein. So tell about nutrition fact.
 Serving one scoop 30gm

Ditery fiber,0gm
Total fat,1.5gm.

Lets talk about davisco.

This is raw whey protein . this brand much time business in india all information in the picture please zoom out and read this.
So decided which one is better for you . if you tell me which protein i used then say I'm use asitis. Is best option for guys tell me how is it comparison. I hope you finde out your best option.


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