25gm of protein under 10rs

25gm of protein under 10rs .

Yea guys i tell you. One of the chipest protein in the world . so guys which people need protein. Every people need protein all over health because protein help to recover your musscle . hair and skin etc...many every day eat less protein which need this . so first tell how much protein intake per day. And how many protein you require your body.

What is protein.

Protein are essential nutrients for the human body .they are one of the building blocks of body tissue and can also serve as fuel source.

To day I'm gonna share lot of people ask me how much protein intake a day . frist I said those who haven't do workout i mean those people who's going to office and home sleeping. This guys need protein 0.5gm per pound body weight  if your body weight 180lbs then your protein intake is 90gm. A day i would recommend you should be intake 80gm protein a day. Unfortunately each people intake less protein. And 50% is vegetarian so for that reason he/she does not intake protein. But dont worry guys i have solution if you eat 3t4 meals day then you complete your protein requirement . guys make sure when you eat meals then presents meals cover 20 to 25gm. Of protein..

Let's talk to second category who's people ective workout 3 days in a week. Going to gym so how much protein intake a day. 0.8gm per pound body weight. I mean if your body weight 180pounds then your protein intake is 130&135gm protein which you need .if you eat 5 meals then calculate how much protein per meal . i think 25 to 26gm protein cover per meal. 

So let's talk about those people who active dally. I mean those who going to gym 5day in a week.so your protein intake is 1gm per pounds body weight.if your body weight is 180pounds then your protein require ment is you eat 180gm of protein.

Let's talk about 1st source of protein.

Soya chanks.

You know that is the best source of protein .  soya chanks one serving is 50gm which you get 25gm protein.guys many people say that if we eat  so we are face hormones problem . guys i tell don't worry nothing was happen. If you not blive so going to YouTube search and get results.

2nd chipest protein source is .

Lantise (Dallas)

You know that guys is natural source of protein . but every lantise messing some amino acid . so i request mix the  many type of lantise i mean Dal. Per serving 100gm and get 18gm of protein . if you buy 100gm of dal then cost 8rs is chipest price guys you.

3red source of protein is paneer

 Peneer is best sources of protein or fat . so per serving 100gm get 18gm protein. 100 gm paneer buy 35rs so its  chipest .


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