Which jeans suit you in trend 2019

Which jeans suit you in trend 2019

Hey guys today I'm share best.Which jeans suit you in trend 2019
Hey guys there is a sying that says fashion that accommodate you. Which means that to be fashionable you must wear what you see best and this can be a headed ,because many times we are not aware of what clothes look good to us .

This in notorious ,especially when choosing Jens that favor us, but let me tell you something ,there are for all and in all types of presentation ,and today you will learn to choose the right one according to your body .

1 Ractangular body .

How to know if you have this type body shape .

If your shoulders and legs form this figure ,in addition your waist is straight and you have flat abdomen ,you are a rectangle.

2.oval body.

How to know if you  have this type of body .

The part of the abdomen is circular and somewhat volumionus , while the legs are thinner or shorter

In this case ,you  should wear straight cut trouser ,which are loose in the legs to achieve a visual equilibrium.

3.body in the shape  of a triangle .

How to know if you have this body type.

Its larger in the part of the  shoulders and the rest is narrow .

If you have this figure ,you need to buy Jens with a high shot. This will lengthen your appearance longer .

5. Inverted triangle body .

How to know if you have this type of body?.

In general ,those who exerise are those have this silhouette ,in which the legs are much thinner than the arms .

Foe those spend hours in the gym ,it is better to use mire short jens or with the bottom raised ,but always with volume in the fabric to achieve a balance in the body.

5. Rhombus shaped body .

How to know you have that .

It is a strange figure because it is confused with the oval ,the difference is that this foram has a larger volume in the hip and not in the abdomen .

Wear jeans that have tweezers and are not tight or straight .you can wear them with a lose shirt to achieve a blance effect.

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