Potatoes are a versatile root vegetable and a step food in many households ,they are an underground tuber that grows on the roots of the solanum tuberosum plant .potatoes were first domesticated between 8000 and 5000BC in modern day Peru and northwestern Bolivia .the introduction of potatoes was responsible for over a quarter of the growth and urbanization from 1700 to 1900. but the lack of genetic diversity left the potato corp vlunerable to disease .in 1845 a plant disease known as late blight spread through western lreand and parts of the Scottish highlands  resulting in crop failures that caused the great lrish famine .and well as of 2014 the words production of potatoes had croassed 380 million tonnes...

Hare some benefits of potatoes,you should know.

1.Bone health.

Around 99 percent of the calcium in the human body is found in the bones and teeth,it is essential for the development,growth and maintenance of bone..

2.heart health.

The potatoes fiber ,potassium ,vitamin c,and vitamin B6 content . coupled with its lack of cholesterol ,all supports heart health .

3.Blood pressure.

A low sodium intake is essential for maintaining  a healthy blood pressure ,but incraseing potassium ,intake may be just as important .potassium encourages vasodilation or the widening of the  blood vessel's .

4.  The bottom line . 

Potatoes are rich in vitamin ,minerals and antioxidants which makes them very healthy studies have linked potatoes and their nutrients to a variety of impressive health benefits,including improved blood sugar control ,reduced heart disease risk and higher immigrant .

5. Digestive health .

The resistant starch in potatoes may also improve digestive health .resistant starch is potatoes is a source of nutrition for beneficial gut bacteria.

6. Prevent cancer.

Studies have revealed that eating  potatoes won't cause cancer ,unless you eat them fried . so is you have been under the impression that potatoes  might cause cancer well you can.

Relax ,boiling,mashing or even baking potatoes could make them for more beneficial..

Best source of carbs.

You know that what is carbs . carbs is basic nitriuents which one we every day eat .to day i tell you best source of carbs . i think guys you know that what is crabs . 


Is the best source carbs you eat potatoes get to much crabs intake in your body  .its best source carbs 

Sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes basically you see in winter because this time fermer build this seeds .eat sweet potatoes its included to much crabs .

Tomato ketchup.

Tomato ctchup includes lots of carbs if you eat 100g then you get 60g crabs.

White bread.

White bread to much add crabs .

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