How to gain body weight

How to gain body weight

Most often ,we see people who go to the gym complaining about the slow rate of muscle growth ,less mass gain and muscle usually happens when they fail to take proper protein rich food after a workout .the foods that you eat post a gruelling session will decide whether or not you will build muscle .thats why ,its important to eat protein rich meals after a workout so that you can bulkup . if you are worried about your gains ,keep scrolling down to know why protein are require after a workout .we also have some option for protein rich food that help in muscle gain . number of push ups  you can perform could indicate you heart attack Risks step by steep method to perform the exerise correctly .

How does our muscular system work?.

Before speaking about muscle growth and protein rich foods ,let us first understand basic about our muscular system . there types of muscle in our body . cardiac ,smooth and sketetal .

Cardiac muscle are those in the heart smooth muscle found in places like stomach and blood vessels and finally we have sketeal muscles attached to our bone .

Cardiac and smooth muscle are not under our control as they are invoruntary muscle , whereas the skeleatal muscle attached to our body  are voluntary and we can manage its development .

Sketeal muscle are made up  of muscle cells known as myocytes . these muscular fibres ate further made up  of little section called sarcomerse ,which have an alternating pattern of filaments where actual muscular function takes place .

The tow significant filaments which decided our muscular abilities are actin and myosin . these two filaments run parallel to each other a
And myosin grab onto acting when it gets the signs from the nervous system . myosin bends twoards acting and that is the reason why we can lift weight . crabs loading what are the benefits of increase carbohydrate intake and how to do it .

Why do we need take protein post workout ?

Our muscle grows when it breaks down  and we need to give them stress for that . we can do that by lifting heavy weights or perfrome  different types of body weight  resistance exercise .

Now when these muscles breakdown by actively involving actin and myosin ,they have to be repaired for muscle growth . when the muscle breaks down  it enters into a catabolic state . we must ensure that our muscle are always in the anabolic state when we are at rest . and the two  most  important things for that are a protein  rich dite  after a workout and adequate  sleep .

If we fail to take adequte protein after a workout ,our muscle  will not get  repaired ,which will lead to muscle  loss known as atrophy  .and if we give our muscle tissues enough rest and protein . then it will lead to gain muscle  which known as hypertrophy . so apart from resting .we need to eat  right..

Protein rich foods that you should eat after workout.

1eggs .

It is the beat protein ,after dairy protein like whey .in  terms of biological value. Consuming eggs after workout  is easy . one  can keep two to three boiled eggs in tje gym gym bag and have it after exercise . people who are on  weight loss can eat boiled eggs white after a workout ,scnce white can increase your metabolic rate tremendously . as per the united states department of agriculture .33gm  of eggs white contain around 3.6 gm of protein and 0.6gm of fat along with 0.24 gm of carbohydrate on the other hand whole eggs of 35gm includes 4.4gm of protein along with 3.7 gm fat and 0.39 gm carbohydrate.

2..Cottage cheese.

You can  slice it into cubes and have it by sprinkling some salt and pepper on it. This cheese contain. The right amount of protein which can help you recover after the workout .as per 100gm of cottage cheese  contain 10.62gm of protein ,1.33gm of fat and 5.31 gm of carbohydrate.


It is an ideal post workout food because of its protein and fiber content ,at the same time it is also gluten free . according to 100gm of quinoa contain 4.4gm of protein,1.92gm of fat and 1.23gm of carbohydrate..


Protein from chicken helps in right hypertrophy . one can boil pieces of boneless chicken and have it after the workout . according to 100gm of chicken contain 21.8 gm of protein ,1.76gm of fat,1.18gm of carb .

5.fatty fish like salmon and tuna.

These are a rich source of protein contain omega 3 fatty acids in fish  are necessary for healthy heart . 100gm of tuna contain 29.91 gm of protein .and 6.28gm of fat and zero carbs ,even 100gm of salmon is carb free with 26.48gm protein and 5.58 gm fat .

Best exercise which you do that.

1 street bench press

Bench press is best exercise get bigger chest which you need if  you try this I'm sure you get achieve you goals try this 2down bench press 3 up bench press every set no 3  or8/10 reps.

2 chin ups / pull ups

Guys chin ups is the best exercise gain your back mussel and your height so you every day try this 3set 10 reps before you try this frist wramup your body then you try.

3 push ups.

If you  gain your bicep or tricep so every day 150 pushups you do get bigger biceps or triceps 


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