Health/healthy food

Health. Healthy food.

Hey guys to day i said some food name . if you eat this food then increase your immune system.and care for health.
You say healthy food.

1 the first .

Eating garlic buds every day strength the immune system and also removes problem the stomach .garlic is relived of problem like gas consumption in the stomach .because garlic works like a significant natural antibiotics. That is why eating it gives strength to body.

2 second.

Mushley aswagandha and shatavar are natural mixing these three things together ,the  disease that arise in the body are removed and if you drink these three thing after taking an empty stomach and mixing them in a glass  of hot milk ,you will get good benefit

3 the third

You all know that grams is more nutrition than almond because the quantity of protein increase after damping .therefore ,you should soak 25 grams in the water at night and eat the empty stomach in the morning .by removeing all weakness in the body and making the body strong..

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