Best source of protein and high carb added food

Best source of protein and carb.

Hey many people search high protein food or high carb . so guys don't worry today I'm gonna share you best source of protein and best source of crabs . frist  decide your goal muscle gain or fat loss because 2 types of search this food item which including high protein best source or best carb source .so we have know that what is protein or carb what happened if you consume this food.


Protein are essential nutrients for the human body .they are one of the building blocks of body tissue and can also serve as fuel source .

Best source of protein.

Which food included high protein i tell you .


Every people know that chicken flesh .how is eat . if you eat 150g chicken then you get 25g protein. But whole chicken meat not more protein but if you eat chicken breast is the best source of protein.


Guys you know that eggs is the  best source of protein if eat 2 whole eggs then you get 15g protein.if you consume only protein then i recommend eat eggs not eat egg yolk.

Kidney beens .

Some people know that what is kidney beans its a best source of protein .you not blive how much protein in kideny beans . so you eat kidney beans 

Why protein.

Guys every gymer guy use why protein its best source of protein if don't know what is why protein i give a link read this article.

Best source of carbs.

You know that what is carbs . carbs is basic nitriuents which one we every day eat .to day i tell you best source of carbs . i think guys you know that what is crabs . 


Is the best source carbs you eat potatoes get to much crabs intake in your body  .its best source carbs 

Sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes basically you see in winter because this time fermer build this seeds .eat sweet potatoes its included to much crabs .

Tomato ketchup.

Tomato ctchup includes lots of carbs if you eat 100g then you get 60g crabs.

White bread.

White bread to much add crabs .

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