Amazing fact about human body

Amazing fact about human body.

To day we discuss about amazing fact of human body I'm 100% sure you don't knew that. So let's begin.


We all know our brains understand through the signal from our body parts called brain impulses,but the interesting thing is the speed of our brain impulse is 400km /hr which means our brain impulse can be travel from chennai to kolkata less then an hour it covers a distance ,between new York to Washington ,DC  in an hour .but the saddest  thing is human brains are 0.0008 second slower ,which means what we are touching ,what we are feeling and even what we are seeing is not a present thing .

2.Hairs .

Our hair have the strength to lift up to 200 grams .have you ever though that why males only lose their hairs and getting bald? If you have that question the answer is because of Di hydroxy testosterone .females  don't  have that hormone .whenever  males jack off ,they  stimulate that hormone .hare is the exating fact meles bald occurs only in the head ,not in a face that is because the amount of hair grows in the face decides the possibility of blandness .

3. Eye .

Human eyes have cone cells which help  to see the colors and there are 3 types of cone cells for the three different colors (red,green,and blue ) but the weirdest thing is females can easily understand the colors than males that is because they have x-x choromosome .the x choromosome  has the data for cone cells ,because of being 2-x they are all gifted..

4 Ear.

Our ears are growing throughout of our life , quarter millimeter a year .

5. Nose. 

The speed of our sneeze is 140km/hr which means we can sneeze faster than sadapthi express train.


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