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Simple Home Remedy From Rice That can Make your skin Look 10 years Younger

Simple Home Remedy From Rice That can Make your skin Look 10 years Younger

Hello friends! Welcome back to fashion Directory . Today l am going to share a simple home remedy with you that can make you look 10 years younger. You just need to use rice water to wash your  face instead of soap. To keep your skin very very young use those beauty products that have rice in it.

Let me tell you something about anti- aging benefits of rice . it is rich in vitamin E which is also a great antioxidant, so this helps to prevent wrinkles and it also helps for your skin elasticity. Rice contains peptides also which helps the synthesis of collagen so it definitely helps with skin elasticity. Rice has also moisturizing and brightening benefits. Rice is known to have ceramides which is known for its natural skin brightening properties. Nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other natural minerals contribute to brightening properties as well.

Now let's jump into the home remedy.

1) First you n…

Best way to remove your unwanted hair

Best way to remove your unwanted hair 
While it doesn't pose any health risks unwanted hair can be an embarrassing condition for many people .hormonal imblance ,irregular menstrual cycles , crlertain medication ,and post  pregnancy hormonal changes ,can all cause unwanted  hair issues for women .aging also seems to bring about more unwanted hair to .as l'be noticed my face has develpoed a lot more "peach fuzz",and its really annoying .

But before shelling out big money for treatment like laser hair removal ,permanent waxing ,electrolysis ,etc there are plenty of natural home remedies for hair removal that way you may want to try first these at home  remedies for hair removal that you may want to try first these at home tretments can save you a lot of money ,while removeing unwanted hair naturally and without any side effect today I'll  be sharing one method in particular that l've had a lot of success with sugar wax and to make it you will only need few simp…

15+diabetes fruits

15+diabetes fruits.
The patients with 2 diabetes gets advice to to avoid fruit as the notion that fruit is not safe when you need to control your blood sugar levels is a common  diabetes myth that has been squashed again and again. According tot, ADA says there are many type of fruit that is packed full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fine a powerful nutrient that has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, aid weight loss, and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So, lets know these fruits


Berries are low in the glycemic index yet high in antioxidants, vitamins, and fine. it, s blueberries or strawberries- berries are considered a sunerfood for people with diabetes.

This is another diabetes-friendly fruit that is great source of full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fibre that is good for diabetics. The antioxidants present in papaya also prevent cell damage and reduce your risk of various conditions, including heart disease.



Potatoes. Potatoes are a versatile root vegetable and a step food in many households ,they are an underground tuber that grows on the roots of the solanum tuberosum plant .potatoes were first domesticated between 8000 and 5000BC in modern day Peru and northwestern Bolivia .the introduction of potatoes was responsible for over a quarter of the growth and urbanization from 1700 to 1900. but the lack of genetic diversity left the potato corp vlunerable to disease .in 1845 a plant disease known as late blight spread through western lreand and parts of the Scottish highlands  resulting in crop failures that caused the great lrish famine .and well as of 2014 the words production of potatoes had croassed 380 million tonnes...
Hare some benefits of potatoes,you should know.
1.Bone health.
Around 99 percent of the calcium in the human body is found in the bones and teeth,it is essential for the development,growth and maintenance of bone..
2.heart health.
The potatoes fiber ,potassium ,vitamin…

How to gain body weight

How to gain body weight
Most often ,we see people who go to the gym complaining about the slow rate of muscle growth ,less mass gain and muscle usually happens when they fail to take proper protein rich food after a workout .the foods that you eat post a gruelling session will decide whether or not you will build muscle .thats why ,its important to eat protein rich meals after a workout so that you can bulkup . if you are worried about your gains ,keep scrolling down to know why protein are require after a workout .we also have some option for protein rich food that help in muscle gain . number of push ups  you can perform could indicate you heart attack Risks step by steep method to perform the exerise correctly .

How does our muscular system work?.
Before speaking about muscle growth and protein rich foods ,let us first understand basic about our muscular system . there types of muscle in our body . cardiac ,smooth and sketetal .

Cardiac muscle are those in the heart sm…

Amazing fact about human body

Amazing fact about human body. To day we discuss about amazing fact of human body I'm 100% sure you don't knew that. So let's begin.

We all know our brains understand through the signal from our body parts called brain impulses,but the interesting thing is the speed of our brain impulse is 400km /hr which means our brain impulse can be travel from chennai to kolkata less then an hour it covers a distance ,between new York to Washington ,DC  in an hour .but the saddest  thing is human brains are 0.0008 second slower ,which means what we are touching ,what we are feeling and even what we are seeing is not a present thing .

2.Hairs .
Our hair have the strength to lift up to 200 grams .have you ever though that why males only lose their hairs and getting bald? If you have that question the answer is because of Di hydroxy testosterone .females  don't  have that hormone .whenever  males jack off ,they  stimulate that hormone .hare is the exating fact meles bald occ…

Papaya benefits .

About papaya.
Hey guys to day I said some benefit of papaya . if you not read the article then you lost 1 opportunity my humble request place read this article.papaya benefits.

Papaya is a extremely rich in vitamin's wide range of health benefit making it a great fruit option for site .lets know some of the top health top benefit of papaya.

1.lower cholesterol.
Papaya is rich in vitamin c and antioxidant which prevent cholesterol build up in arteries .it lead to several heart diseases including heart attack and hypertension.

2.helps in weight lose .
Papaya in their diet as it is very low in calories. Papaya leaves feeling full and also clears bowel  movement. Making weight.

3.Boost your immunity .
Papaya improve immunity system acts as a sheild against various infection .A single papaya contain more than 200% of daily requirement of vitamins c and it great for your immunity.

4.prevent cancer .
Papaya is a rich source of antioxidant that prevent cells from undergoing free red…

High iron food .

High reach iron food.
prob is a mineral  which carries out several important functions. It helps carry oxygen throughout your body and make those red blood cells. It also plays a role in your muscles and  brain function , and to support your  immune system. If your iron  levels are low , you will end up feeling sick more often . A deficiency can occur if your intake is too low to replace the amount you tend to lose every day . iron deficiency may lead to anaemia and fatigue. Menstruating women who don't eat iron-rich foods are at particularly high risk of deficiency. According to About Ghag, Clinical Dietician, InBody India, the daily recommended does of iron for women is  12-14 milligrams and when it comes to men , it is 14-16 milligrams . But, you don't have to worry anymore as we brief you about the foods which are a potential source of iron. So, what are you waiting for? Include them in your diet right away by getting your daily dose of iron.

1:You can opt for mushrooms.

Tea vs coffee/ coffee / tea

Tea vs coffee.. Hey guys today we discuss about tea vs coffe . and give you best comparison. Read this article I'm 100% sure you finde out best choice ...
There are two different type f people on this planet. Tea lovers and coffee lovers .both the drinks have Thai own sets of health benefits  which makes them different from each other  but ,in this case we will compare them to find out which one is better for your health and helps you insight loss ass well

We are often confused about which beverages to drink during the evening time because both f them energize you and provides various types f health  benefit .some people just cant  start their day without having coffee coffee or tea as these drinks improve  the mood and make you more alarm .if you are one f those people who just stand in and cant decide which beverages to have then,we will help you hare in this article ,we are providing a clear comparison between coffee or tea so , that ,from the next time ,you can ea…

Health/healthy food

Health. Healthy food. Hey guys to day i said some food name . if you eat this food then increase your immune system.and care for health.
You say healthy food.

1 the first .
Eating garlic buds every day strength the immune system and also removes problem the stomach .garlic is relived of problem like gas consumption in the stomach .because garlic works like a significant natural antibiotics. That is why eating it gives strength to body.

2 second.

Mushley aswagandha and shatavar are natural mixing these three things together ,the  disease that arise in the body are removed and if you drink these three thing after taking an empty stomach and mixing them in a glass  of hot milk ,you will get good benefit

3 the third

You all know that grams is more nutrition than almond because the quantity of protein increase after damping .therefore ,you should soak 25 grams in the water at night and eat the empty stomach in the morning .by removeing all weakness in the body and mak…

Which jeans suit you in trend 2019

Which jeans suit you in trend 2019 Hey guys today I'm share best.Which jeans suit you in trend 2019
Hey guys there is a sying that says fashion that accommodate you. Which means that to be fashionable you must wear what you see best and this can be a headed ,because many times we are not aware of what clothes look good to us .

This in notorious ,especially when choosing Jens that favor us, but let me tell you something ,there are for all and in all types of presentation ,and today you will learn to choose the right one according to your body .

1 Ractangular body .

How to know if you have this type body shape . If your shoulders and legs form this figure ,in addition your waist is straight and you have flat abdomen ,you are a rectangle.

2.oval body.
How to know if you  have this type of body .
The part of the abdomen is circular and somewhat volumionus , while the legs are thinner or shorter

In this case ,you  should wear straight cut trouser ,which are loose in the legs to achiev…