Weight gain fast/weight gain naturally

Weight gain fast/and naturally

.every sikinny people they try all time how to increase weight fast. So don't worry guys i have solution which you can gain your weight fast & naturally 

That mean guys many way present in the world which can used .gain your weight fast.but you think now days your body weight 50kg you try increase and  you eat lot of food and you gain your weight fast but you not gain your musscel you gain lot of fat you see your body is ugly .

How to gain your weight

Guys many people he think if you gain your body weight eat lot of .but reality is if you gain your weight fast eat more calories
But calorie intake wright food .i tell you eat more calories and for that reason you satrated eating junk food it's not a write way. not eat daily junk food .if you want you eat junk food but one day on a week.

 Guys when you started bulking so eat more calories write way .and if not eat more food then you can eat why protein .which maintain your daily protein need .and 4 product if you used that more better result .
I remember you you every time remember your mind

Guys you eat more calories ok so when you eat more calories your body need more watar so every day you drink 3to4 letter watar

NB: this point must you know that if you increase your weight gain fast.

1 claullte you bmr and flow the daily intake of protein,fat,crab,water

Started going to gym and left havy if get more better result... 
3 so guys tell how is it


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