If you don't know that stop going to gym

today  i share  how  to  build  a perfect body. skinny people hete  thare  body  because he  is  much unwated person and  more then  when. see  the  skinny  person se  think about  he  no  more  eat  for. that reson  he under  wait.  but  realty  is  skinny  person eat  lot  of  but he  not  balanceing  thare  macro nutrition  for  that  reson  he  skinny  guy  .
to day  i share  how  to  incrase  your  body  wait  guys if  you  flow  the  rutin  I'm  sure  you  can  achieve  your  goals

1st if  you  use  smart  phone  go  to  AppStore or playstore and  download BMR calculator
calculated your  bmr  and  then  you  how  many  calories protin or fat you can consume

2nd  pepare a daite plan  which food you  eat

3rd if join the  gym  you  can  see  to much  better result for 6to8 week so  i advice you  join the  your  loca
l  area  gym  if you  not going to gym so  every day do pt  running  or etc

4th flow  the  rutine  I'm sure you  achieve  your goal

5th guys i teel  you  if  you  increase your  body wait  is  best  time  for  bulking because winter is the best season for bulking every  atheists this chose  bulking so if you want a perfect physics so let's  start

6th guys  if want  more  information  tell me

7th guys  i always suggest flow guruman  sir  jet salal etc youtuber  I'm  sure  you  achieve your  goals because i flow this  youtuber  and  i achive  my  goals


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