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Clear skin/tips for healthy skin for 

If you face acne problem so don't worry.i give some use full tips which you can use get result in 3 days.if you dont blive that frist try this

.Face wash is enough 

Cleaning  the face is not just a  process ,it  is rather tow -step process.Everybody advice that you should clean your face before  you go to bed whenever you  go to sleep .often people clean the face with water before sleeping but this can be the biggest mistake .even after cleaning the face with the water ,the face is not completely clear .because of which you have to face the problem of acne such way whenever you clean your face ,use light  lukewarm water and after that rub your face with the help of cloth.

.clear your face twice a day 

Often people don't know how many times they should clean your face in a day . this will clear the dirt from your face

.3. Buy cleanser as per skin 

Often people use any clenser to keep their skin clean,due to which they have to to face many problem later .if your skin is dry or oily ,then three are different types of cleanser in the market for every kind skin .if your skin is dry .then you should use clenser which will moisturizer your skin then you should use clenser in which lemone and honey are present .this will not harm skin.

4.scrub your skin and keep it clean 

Scrubber should be used to keep your face clean ,but while sclecting scrub ,you should keep in mind that they are not too hard fore your skin .not only this ,at least twice a week ,clean your skin with the help of scrubber .this will clear the dead skin on your skin.

5.Do not forget the toner 

Do you know the amount of wine that is present in the toner you use? Alcohol reduce the oil present in your skin .

Healthy skin 
Skin problem solution

N:B= guys i think this article you read .you have solution .i hope this article help you


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