5 bad habit to lose your hair/hair lose surce

5 Bad habit to lose your hair/hair loss surce.

Many people face the problem and suffering hair loss problem. So don't worry i have solution  if flow this stop lose your hair fall.i explain 5 reason for this reason you lose your hair.you say 5bad habit to lose your hair.

1 Poor dite 

Guys if you eat junk food or etc then effect for your skin,hair or helth so every you eat proper daite which included high protein omega3 fatty acid,iron,vaitamine E and zinc,

2 stop taking hot shower in bath 

If you use hot water in hair hot water remove your hair oil for that the reason you lose your hair

Hot shower strips out you hair natural oil,without which the hair dry and brittle and that can also lead hair fall

3 stop taking stress

Stress is main of the major cause of hair lose.if you worry to much your hair line will reduce

4 wash your hair/ scrubbing your hair

Wash your hair twice a day in weeks. Guys not use daily shampoo because shampoo your hair made thin then if you use daily use shampoo you lose your hair

5 maintain your hair styles tool

If you daily use hair styles tools like dryr streghtner or curly r. Dryr use you high heat then effect your hair for that reason you lose your hair


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