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5 bad habit to lose your hair/hair lose surce

5 Bad habit to lose your hair/hair loss surce.Many people face the problem and suffering hair loss problem.So don't worry i have solution  if flow this stop lose your hair fall.i explain 5 reason for this reason you lose your say 5bad habit to lose your hair.
1 Poor dite Guys if you eat junk food or etc then effect for your skin,hair or helth so every you eat proper daite which included high protein omega3 fatty acid,iron,vaitamine E and zinc,

2 stop taking hot shower in bath  If you use hot water in hair hot water remove your hair oil for that the reason you lose your hair
Hot shower strips out you hair natural oil,without which the hair dry and brittle and that can also lead hair fall
3 stop taking stress Stress is main of the major cause of hair lose.if you worry to much your hair line will reduce
4 wash your hair/ scrubbing your hair Wash your hair twice a day in weeks. Guys not use daily shampoo because shampoo your hair made thin then if you use daily use shampoo y…

Best gym exercise/skinny people exercise

Best gym exerise /skinny people exerciseGuys if you find best exerise going to gym and you do so is best article for you skinny people gym exercise for gaining musscel
1 street bench press Bench press is best exercise get bigger chest which you need if  you try this I'm sure you get achieve you goals try this 2down bench press 3 up bench press every set no 3  or8/10 reps

2 chin ups / pull ups
Guys chin ups is the best exercise gain your back mussel and your height so you every day try this 3set 10 reps before you try this frist wramup your body then you try

3 push ups.
If you  gain your bicep or tricep so every day 150 pushups you do get bigger biceps or triceps ...

3 exercise if you try every day I'm sure you get better result ...

Weight gain fast/weight gain naturally

Weight gain fast/and naturally .every sikinny people they try all time how to increase weight fast. So don't worry guys i have solution which you can gain your weight fast & naturally 
.first you decided which way you used gain your weight fast
That mean guys many way present in the world which can used .gain your weight fast.but you think now days your body weight 50kg you try increase and  you eat lot of food and you gain your weight fast but you not gain your musscel you gain lot of fat you see your body is ugly .
How to gain your weight
Guys many people he think if you gain your body weight eat lot of .but reality is if you gain your weight fast eat more calories But calorie intake wright food .i tell you eat more calories and for that reason you satrated eating junk food it's not a write way. not eat daily junk food .if you want you eat junk food but one day on a week.
Which product need you 
Guys when you started bulking so eat more calories write way .and if not eat mo…

Clear skin

Clear skin/tips for healthy skin for  If you face acne problem so don't worry.i give some use full tips which you can use get result in 3 days.if you dont blive that frist try this
.Face wash is enough  acne free skin
Cleaning  the face is not just a  process ,it  is rather tow -step process.Everybody advice that you should clean your face before  you go to bed whenever you  go to sleep .often people clean the face with water before sleeping but this can be the biggest mistake .even after cleaning the face with the water ,the face is not completely clear .because of which you have to face the problem of acne such way whenever you clean your face ,use light  lukewarm water and after that rub your face with the help of cloth.
.clear your face twice a day 
Often people don't know how many times they should clean your face in a day . this will clear the dirt from your face
.3. Buy cleanser as per skin
Often people use any clenser to keep their skin clean,due to which th…

How to lose your body fat

How to lose your body fat

3 ways to loose your body fat :hey guys if you want reduce your body fat .read the article helpus to lose your body fat
.how to lose your belly fat How reduce your body fat :body fat seems so easy to add and so hard to get rid of.your try to work out and restrict your calorie intake ,and yet the fat still refuse to go away.if this sound familiar,rest assured that three are healthy option for effectively burning fat .will simply melt you ,you can improve your health and appearance by getting your body working for you and against your fat .so that i say 3 ways you will try I'm sure you can reduce your body fat1.adjust your eating habits: If you think how you do burn your fat
Vary your daily calories while reducing your overall average.your body may adjust to a lower but steady calorie intake ,meaning it won't draw from your stored fat ,to keep your body guessing and yo…

Tips to make your relationship better.people in long relationship must read

Tips to make your relationship better.people in long relationship must read

Try these 15 thing before giving up on your relationship and moving on
If you are not happy in your relationship or you're going through some ups and down ,dont fret .first off ,it happen to most couple (it's not always smooth selling) so dont think it's just you tow second ,a few tiffs don't always mean you have to quite. That said ,if you have to call it quits .that said if things haven't been going well for a recovery  long time ,and you can't finde a resolution to reconnect as e team ,take some time  to try these easy suggest to see if there's a way to get the relationship back on the right track .you may finde some  common ground that gives you both hope the future

No 1.. Every time you try make surprise for your gf when you meat them

No2 when started  misunderstood place try to understand them
No3 spending time your gf every girls not like your money she likes you speend some…

People who eats chiken be careful read full blog

People who eats chiken be careful read full blog

Hey guys is eaten every home every country,it has many good effect in our body.but excessive consumption is also loss.let you know about them

Food poisoning-Bacteria such as salmonella are found in boiler chiken beacuse boiler
Children is kept in a locked room for reproduction.and consuming them will make you food poisoning

The threat of bird flu_ whenever you go to the market to buy chicken make sure is thire any bird flu at the time .because at that time the cost of chicken is very low ,so that always keep that in mind

If you don't know that how many time you eat chicken a week so cmnt on comment box i tell you

Four rear supplement you need this frist read the full article

hey guys what'sup how  are  you  i know  you also  good  so  to  day  i share  4 need full suppliment  which  help  you  for  bulking if you add  this  suplliment your  dite  so can  see  much  more better  result

no1 cretine
cretine  is the  best  choice  when  you  bulking  if you  use  this suppliment see  the  result 4to6 day if you  want  more  information about cretine  so  go  to  YouTube I'm  sure  you  collect right  information about cretine

no2 why protin is most  need  ful  suppliment every person need this suppliment  if you're going to gym need this or you're not going to gym need this  daily  use  why protin

more  people he should  know which protin he  buy  raw why protine or why iso why gold etc so  don't  worry  guys i tell  you  which  protin  best  for  you  so 1st  if  you  spend  some money so  i suggest you use  raw why protin  because it's chep  for  why iso  or  gold etc  . if you  spend  more money so  buy why iso or  etc

If you don't know that stop going to gym

today  i share  how  to  build  a perfect body. skinny people hete  thare  body  because he  is  much unwated person and  more then  when. see  the  skinny  person se  think about  he  no  more  eat  for. that reson  he under  wait.  but  realty  is  skinny  person eat  lot  of  but he  not  balanceing  thare  macro nutrition  for  that  reson  he  skinny  guy  .
to day  i share  how  to  incrase  your  body  wait  guys if  you  flow  the  rutin  I'm  sure  you  can  achieve  your  goals

1st if  you  use  smart  phone  go  to  AppStore or playstore and  download BMR calculator
calculated your  bmr  and  then  you  how  many  calories protin or fat you can consume

2nd  pepare a daite plan  which food you  eat

3rd if join the  gym  you  can  see  to much  better result for 6to8 week so  i advice you  join the  your  loca
l  area  gym  if you  not going to gym so  every day do pt  running  or etc

4th flow  the  rutine  I'm sure you  achieve  your goal

5th guys i teel  you  if  y…